Maiden Castle

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Building summary
Maiden Castle, Lomond Hills (geograph 5456035).jpg
Name Maiden Castle
Date Unknown
OS grid ref NO 22190 6886
Latitude & longitude 56°14'53"N 3°15'26"W

Maiden Castle is a prehistoric fort on a knoll in the Lomond Hills.

HES scheduled monument designation details[1]
Reference: SM813 Date: 15/06/1936;
Amended 11/12/2002
Address/Site Name

Maiden Castle, fort


Prehistoric domestic and defensive: fort (includes hill fort and promontory fort)


The monument comprises an impressive prehistoric fort, traditionally known as 'Maiden Castle', which lies on the summit of an oval knoll at about 300m OD, by Bracks Plantation in the Lomond Hills. [...]

Further references

"A curious, well-preserved earthwork of unknown date on the summit of a low hillock in rough ground halfway between the E and W Lomonds. The most conspicuous defence is a single broad ditch with external bank dug round the slope of the hillock, but faint terracing higher up the slope may show the course of other lines since destroyed or perhaps never completed. The summit area is c.140m. by 35m., and there seem to have been entrances on the E and W."[2]