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Falkland Historic Buildings logo: including a black and white version of the Falkland Society logo, based on the cover image of A Falkland Guide

This page is intended to tell you about the Falkland Historic Buildings Project, what we've been doing, and what still needs to be done.


This site is a wiki, using the same principles as Wikipedia. It was founded in 2020 by Ross Burgess, for the Falkland Society, arising out of the work on the Society's book Falkland and its People 1901–1913.

During August 2020 volunteers from the Falkland Society delivered a leaflet to every listed property within the Falkland Conservation area, and other buildings of interest, asking residents to tell us about their house, giving details such as any previous names the building was known by, and who lived there before 1970 (a 50-year cut-off to protect the privacy of current residents).

Geographical scope

The wiki is intended to cover all buildings, roads, and other features in any of:

What we've achieved

By December 2021:

  • over 400 articles (content pages)
  • over 500 images: some have been uploaded directly to this site; others are hosted on Wikimedia Commons, including some we have uploaded ourselves and branded as "Files from the Falkland Historic Buildings Project" and others transferred from the Geograph project. See "Statistics" below.

By February 2022:

  • articles for every listed building in the Parish of Falkland
  • articles for every scheduled monument in the Parish of Falkland

Articles still needed

There's currently a list of around 80 articles still needing to be created.

Specifically, the aim is to have articles for:

  • every local building mentioned in Playfair and Burgess, Falkland and its people 1901–1913 (central area, Map D, now complete).
  • all buildings within the Conservation area and historic core of the Burgh (a few still missing)
  • All named streets and roads within the Parish (a few still missing, mainly in Freuchie and Newton of Falkland)

Note: new pages about buildings should be created using the Building Template. See also Help:Editing this site.

Images still needed

About 120 articles are still classified as "Pages with no pictures".

Some of our existing images could do with replacing by better photographs. Old images showing a scene as it used to be are always welcome.

Other ongoing tasks

  • Review all articles still marked as "PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION", and either:
    • add any missing information, or:
    • if the article seems reasonably complete, just remove the marking, or:
    • if there are specific points needing addressing, add a talk page and remove the marking.
  • For all buildings and places listed on the maps, add a "See map" line in the infobox, including the number where relevant (a few done so far, see Bruce Inn for an example).
  • Ensure that all buildings mentioned are listed under the appropriate street
  • Where appropriate (good image, no licensing problems) move image to Wikimedia Commons, to save space, and improve visibility of this project.
  • Re-think the use of Outlying buildings and the Outlying areas category.

Recent updates

  • December 2021: fixed css to ensure images always fit within the screen width.

Updates needed

  • Improve display on mobile phones

Latest statistics

Date 5 January 2022 23 February 2022
Content pages 409 451
Page edits 6,198 6,689
Uploaded files 470 482
of which unused 6 6
Files from Wikimedia Commons 54 62
of which from Geograph 25 32
branded for this project 13 14
other 16 16
Total files (images) used 518 538
Wanted pages 82 63
Pages with no pictures 100 130
"Pages under construction" 17 22

Further links

See Links and sources.

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