Falkland Primary School

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Building summary
Falkland Primary School.JPG
Name Falkland Primary School
Address Pleasance, Falkland
Postcode KY15 7AW
Other names Public School
Date 1967
See map Map D (40)
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Falkland Primary School is a school in Pleasance, Falkland. It was built in 1967,[1] replacing a school on the same premises dating from Victorian times, often referred to as the Public School.

Further references

"The main school building houses 5 classrooms, an assembly hall, dining area, office accommodation. Hutted accommodation in the school grounds houses the Nursery class, and Primary 1/2, creating a flexible Early Years experience. There is a tarmac playground and the school benefits from having access to a large playing field which extends the play area."[2]


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