Falkland Library

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Building summary
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Name Falkland Library
Address Back Wynd, Falkland
Postcode KY15 7BX
Other names Falkland Community Library
Date 1996
Architect Fife Council architects
OS grid ref
Latitude & longitude

Falkland Library occupies a small building built onto the Falkland Community Hall in the Back Dykes car park.

The Library was built in 1996 as a result from pressure from local residents.[1] In 2016 Fife Council decided to close it down, but a petition called for it to be kept open.[2] In 1917 the Village Hall Committee, renamed the Falkland Community Development Trust, took over the running of the Library.[3]

It has only ever been open part time (two half-days per week).[1]


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