Pitcairn House

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Building summary
Pitcairn House.JPG
Name Pitcairn House
Address High Street, Falkland
Postcode KY15 7BL
Date Post-2009
OS grid ref
Latitude & longitude

Pitcairn house is a house in Falkland High Street, between Young's House and Craig House.

Google Streetview shows the site of the house as a lawn in October 2009.

Further references

"The space between Craig House and Young's cottage was empty with just the foundation slabs of the previous house on pure white sand. The children used it as a sand pit and a short cut to and from Back Dykes. After a few years Mr Young put up a fence with a sign saying 'danger keep out'. He planted bamboo. The bamboo eventually got so dense that you couldn't get through it. His daughter sold the house and land fairly recently, to a developer, who built Palace View and Pitcairn House."[1]


  1. Information from former neighbour