Ravenshall homestead and ditches

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Building summary
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Name Ravenshall homestead and ditches
Date Prehistoric
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OS grid ref NO 25375 09926
Latitude & longitude 56°16'33"N 3°12'24"W

Ravenshall homestead and ditches is an ancient monument near Woodmill, just south of the River Eden and near the northern edge of the Parish of Falkland.

HES listing details[1]
Reference: SM6745 Date: 26/01/2000 Type: Prehistoric domestic and defensive: homestead; house
Address/Site Name

Ravenshall, homestead & ring-ditches N of


The monument comprises the remains of a homestead and several ring-ditches of prehistoric date represented by cropmarks visible on oblique aerial photographs. [...]

Ring-ditches such as these have been shown on excavation to represent the remains of former timber roundhouses of the later prehistoric period. [...]

Statement of National Importance

The monument is of national importance because of its potential to contribute to our understanding of prehistoric settlement and economy. It may be expected to contain material relating to the economy and environment of the site.