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Falkland from the East Lomond Hill

The Falkland Listed Buildings Survey has been launched to capture information about the listed buildings, and other historic buildings and structures, in the Falkland Conservation Area, extending subsequently to the historic Parish of Falkland.

The project is organised by the Falkland Society.


Falkland is very rich in historic and interesting buildings. Very many of them are Listed Buildings – buildings listed by Historic Environment Scotland for their special architectural or historic interest. But it's not easy to find out about the buildings or even where they are. Many of the buildings are listed in the HES records by names that bear no relation to their current addresses. Will you help us document our history and our heritage?

The Survey

During August 2020 volunteers from the Falkland Society delivered a leaflet to every listed property within the Falkland Conservation area, and other buildings of interest, asking residents to tell us about their house, giving details such as any previous names the building was known by, and who lived there before 1970 (a 50-year cut-off to protect the privacy of current residents).

The survey also aims to cover special features of the building, for instance date stone, marriage stone, original doors or windows, bread ovens, etc., and any other buildings or structures in the curtilage. From World Photography Day, 19 August 2020, volunteers are taking photographs of buildings throughout the town (as seen from the street).


Explore our records, street by street.

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