Dunshalt Plantation

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Building summary
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Name Dunshalt Plantation
other names Dunshelt Plantation
Date Probably Iron Age
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OS grid ref NO 24620 10153
Latitude & longitude 56°16'40"N 3°13'8"W

Dunshalt Plantation is a prehistoric fort in Woodmill Farm, near Dunshalt (or Dunshelt). It is south of the River Eden, and just within the Parish of Falkland.

HES Scheduled monument designation details[1]
Reference: SM809 Date added: 14/10/1935
Address/Site Name

Dunshelt Plantation,earthwork


Prehistoric domestic and defensive: fort (includes hill fort and promontory fort)


Further references

Earthwork, probably iron age (but possibly much later) on curiously low-lying ground, about 42m. by 26m. within as many as four ramparts and ditches with an average of more than 9m. between the two outer banks, though much of the NE perimeter has been destroyed. SE entrance. The 13.5m. diameter annular bank in the middle is probably later.[2]