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Dunshalt, or Dunshelt, is a village north of the River Eden. It is in the Parish of Strathmiglo, but included here because of its connection to the Falkland Estate.

Further references

"Mr John Steedman, Falkland, bought the house (in ruins) in Dunshalt, for £5 10s."[1]

"Lord Ninian [...] is also proprietor and supervisor of the old-world hamlet of Dunshalt, with a small exception. The brick and tile works on the estate at Dunshalt, which for more than half a century have given employment during the working season to about thirty men, are, it is understood, about to carried on by the proprietor mainly for the purpose of maintaining the industry and keeping the workmen in employment. The Dunshalt roofing tiles are famed far and near.[2]


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