Juniper Villa

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Building summary
Juniper Villa.JPG
Name Juniper Villa
Address Pleasance

(or The Fleurs)

Postcode KY15 7AN

(or KY15 7AL)

See map Map D (40)
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Latitude & longitude

Juniper Villa is a house in Pleasance, Falkland, on the corner with The Fleurs, divided into two flats. There is a very small triangular building, originally a separate house, between Juniper Villa and Glenkeith (Glenkeith being the "Two-story Dwelling-house adjoining the above on the north" referred to below.)

Former residents

Ground floor: Mrs Menzies (before 1909).

First floor: Mr Skinner (1909).

House purchased by James Clark, 1911.

Further references

"To be sold by public roup. within the Bruce Arms, Hotel, on Saturday the 2nd of October, 1909, at 3 o’clock Afternoon.
(1) That Two-story Dwelling-house (with Small Dwelling-house on north end thereof), known as Juniper Villa, the ground floor of which was occupied by the late Mrs Menzies. Assessed Rental £19. Ground Rental 18s 8¾d. Upset Price £375.
(2) That Two-story Dwelling-house adjoining the above on the north, occupied by Mr Livingston and Mrs Stewart.
Assessed Rental £9 10s. No Feu-duty or Ground Annual. Upset Price £200.
For further particulars apply to Alex. Wallace, Solicitor, Kirkcaldy, who will exhibit the Title Deeds and Articles of Roup."[1]

"To be sold by Public Roup within the Bruce Arms, Hotel on Saturday 12th March at 3p.m. That two storey dwelling house known as Juniper Villa. The house on the ground floor was occupied by the late Mrs Menzies; and the first floor is occupied by Mr Skinner. Rental when fully let £18 10s. Ground Annual 18s 9d. Reduced upset price, to ensure competition £300. For further particulars apply to Alex Wallace, solicitor Kirkcaldy."[2]

"Juniper Villa, Pleasance, Falkland, was exposed to sale in the Bruce Arms, Hotel on Saturday last, and was purchased by Mr James Clark, Edinburgh."[3]


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