Lumsden Memorial Hall

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Building summary
Lumsden Memorial Hall, Freuchie - - 2059822.jpg
Name Lumsden Memorial Hall
Address High Street, Freuchie
Postcode KY15 7EX
Other names Freuchie United Presbyterian Church
Freuchie Library
Date 1883
OS grid ref NO 28400 06700
Latitude & longitude

The Lumsden Memorial Hall is a community hall in the centre of Freuchie, on the north side of Freuchie High Street.

The Hall was left in Trust by Helen Lumsden in 1883 in memory of her husband Thomas Lumsden, Linen Manufacturer, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Freuchie.

The building is used as the community hall and previously housed Freuchie Public Library.

Further references

"In 1794 a Secession church was built on the site which is now occupiedby the Lumsden Memorial Hall, on the eastern edge of Freuchie. Eventually the congregation grew too large and a new church was erected on Church Street in 1868 (site number: 6516). By this point, the congregation had been United Presbyterian for twenty one years. Lumsden Memorial Hall dates to 1883, but may still preserve some of the fabric of the old church in its lower storey. ...

The church was a single storey building built from sandstone with a hipped slate roof. An artists impression, provided by David Gordon, the session clerk of Freuchie Parish Church, shows the building to have had rounded arched windows with intersecting heads. It was entered through square headed doors in its south elevation."[1]

"In High Street, the Lumsden Memorial Hall, pompous Italian Renaissance, dated 1883."[2]

"The Lumsden Memorial Hall, High Street, 1883, in assertive Victorian style, ensures that the founder of Linen Mill is not forgotten."[3]


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