Old Bakery, Horsemarket

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Building summary
Lomond Fruit and Veg.PNG
Name Lomond Fruit and Veg
Address 1 Horsemarket Street, Falkland
Postcode KY15 7BG
Other names The Fruit Basket
The Rusty Fox
OS grid ref
Latitude & longitude

The Old Bakery, Horsemarket is a very small shop in Horsemarket, Falkland, next to the Lomond Tavern.

It was orignially a baker's shop, with the bread ovens at the back.[1] It was later a hairdresser's and at one time a fruit shop called The Fruit Basket.

Google Streetview shows it in 2009 with a striped pole outside, indicating a barber's shop.

Later it became the Rusty Fox.

In May 2020 it became Lomond Fruit and Veg, the Rusty Fox shop having moved to the Former Lomond Pharmacy.

Further references

"The Fruit Basket opened first in 1982 next to the Lomond. It moved to Southbank in 1985 and closed in 1993."[2]


Further images

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