Tyndall Bruce family

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Statue of Onesiphorus Tyndall Bruce near the Parish Church

Professor John Bruce (1745–1826) bought land around Falkland from 1821 onwards, building up the Falkland Estate. On his death the estate passed to his niece Margaret Bruce (c. 1781–1869) from India, who in 1828 married the barrister Onesiphorus Tyndall (1790–1855), changing the family name to Tyndall Bruce. The Tyndall Bruces commissioned the building of the House of Falkland (replacing Nuthill) and the Temple of Decision (now sadly ruined) and funded the Parish Church and the Fountain. The statue of Onesiphorus now stands near the Kirk, and he is also commemorated by the Tyndall Bruce Monument on the Black Hill.[1]


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