Steps House

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Building summary
Steps House 1.JPG
Name Steps House
Address West Port (formerly High Street West)
Postcode KY15 7BW
Other names Thatched Cottage
Peggie's House
52 High Street West
Date 1751
OS Grid Reference NO 25144 07364
Latitude & longitude 56°15'10"N 3°12'34"W

Steps House is a private house in West Port, Falkland.

It was restored in 1971 onwards by the National Trust for Scotland under the Little Houses Improvement Scheme.

HES listing details[1]
Reference: LB31264 Date: 01/12/1971 Category: B
Address/Site Name

House (National Trust, Empty in 1971), High Street West


Dated IEMG 1751 at lintel 2-storey rubble-built with margins, forestairs; Roman tiled in 1971. Built on natural rock foundation.

Statement of special interest

Restoration work about to be put in hand.

Little Houses Scheme details[2]
Restorer: Restoring Purchaser Architect: NTS (in-house staff) Date Restored: 1971 onwards
Name and address

Thatched Cottage (also Peggie's House)


Category B; 18thC.
2-storey; 3-bay with centre door; harled with stone margins; pantiled roof; forestair.

Previous uses

Weaving ? Workshop 1970s.[3]

Special features

Falkland stones.[3]

Former residents

Walter Peggie[4]

Further references

"Walter Peggie owned Steps House and the house next door (now Bowriefaulds) he used them as storage workshop and lime works."[4]

"Walter Peggie (Jean’s grandfather) [a slater and plasterer] set up his workshop underneath the house on West Port now called Steps House, (the washhouse was there too, next to the workshop)."[5]


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