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In September 1963, the Scottish Development Department issued a list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest in the Burgh of Falkland. It was a predecessor to the current system of Listed Buildings.

"This list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest has been prepared for purposes of section 28 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act, 1947. Except as regards items marked W or S, the list is in course of being given statutory effect under the provisions of the Act, and others concerned will be informed when this procedure has been completed.

S denotes supplementary item

N.S.A. denotes New Statistical Account

Inventory denotes Inventory of Monuments issued by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland

The map at the end shows the approximate location of all the listed buildings. It is based on a map produced by Fife County Planning Department in 1963."

Royal Burgh

Number Name Current name
1 Falkland Parish Kirk Falkland Parish Church
2 Bruce Fountain, High Street Bruce Fountain
3 Key House, High Street, (formerly "Palace Inn") Key House
4 Key House Annex, off High Street Key Cottage
5 St. Andrews House, High Street St Andrew's House
6 Falkland Post Office, High Street Maspie House
7 House, High Street, adjoining Post Office, westwards Saddler's House
8 Moncreife House, High Street Moncrieff House
9 Bruce Arms Inn, High Street Bruce Inn
10 British Linen Bank, High Street Bank House
11 Falkland Town Hall, High Street Falkland Town Hall
12 Commercial Hotel, High Street Covenanter Hotel
13 House, High Street at East corner of Cross Wynd Cross House
14 House, High Street, at west corner of Cross Wynd Mercat House
15 Cameron House, High Street Cameron House
16 Houses, High Street, adjoining 15 westwards Ross House; Thistle House
17 Fountain House, High Street Fountain House
18 Savings Bank and Co-operative Shop, High Street Violin Shop; Campbell's Café
19 Stag Inn, High Street/ Mill Wynd Stag Inn
20 Seton House, Cross Wynd Seton House
21 Westfield Fish Restaurant, Cross Wynd Post Office (Cross Wynd)
22 House, Cross Wynd, adjoining 21 southwards The Corrie
23 House, Cross Wynd, adjoining 22 southwards
24 House, Cross Wynd, adjoining 23 southwards Balgonie Kilts
25 House, Parliament Square, Cross Wynd, south of 24 Wynd Cottage
26 House, Parliament Square, Cross Wynd, south of 25 The Shien
27 House, Cross Wynd at corner of Horse Market Cross Wynd Cottage
28 Lomond Tavern, Horse Market Lomond Tearoom
29 House, Horse Market at corner of Cross Wynd Former building opposite the Lomond Tavern
30 Houses, Brunton Street, at corner of Cross Wynd Easter Brunton; Little Brunton
31 Brunton House, Brunton Street Brunton House
32 House, Brunton Street, adjoining 30 [?31] westwards Wester Brunton
33 Houses, Sharp’s Close, off Brunton Street Cottage Craft Centre
34 House, Horse Market at corner of Back Wynd Weavers Cottage (Horsemarket)
35 Dundrennan, Horse Market Dundrennan
36 Houses, Back Wynd, east side Former houses in Back Wynd
37 House, Back Wynd, adjoining 36 northwards
38 The Haven, Back Wynd The Haven
39 House, Back Wynd, adjoining 38 eastwards The Haven (east block)
40 House, Back Wynd, set back between 39 and 41 The Cottage (Pedder)
41 Chemists Shop, Horse Market Southbank
42 Houses, South Street (formerly Castle Street), south side, opposite 41 Wellbrae House
43 Houses, South Street (formerly Castle Street), north side, opposite 42 Mulberry Cottage
44 Houses, South Street, west of Sharp’s Close Possibly Walker Cottage ; Braehead House
45 House, South Street, adjoining 44 westwards Probably Rannoch
46 House, South Street, at corner of High Street Vintage Quine / Whinstone
47 House, South Street, adjoining 46 eastwards Extension to Whinstone
48 Electricity Sub-Station, High Street Electricity Sub-station
49 House, High Street, opposite 46 Former house on Mill Green
50 House, High Street, south side and west of 45 Craig House
51 House, High Street, west of 50 Young's House
52 House, High Street, north side and opposite 51 Traquair
53 House, High Street, west of 52 Steps House
54 House, High Street, west of 53 The Weaver's Cottage (High Street West)
55 House, High Street West, west of Kirkyard Gate Gardens Cottage
56 House, High Street, at foot of Lomonds Road Whinstone House
57 Bruce's Mill, Mill Wynd Bruce's Mill
58 Bruce’s Mill - Miller's House Millbank
59 Bruce's Mill - House and Stable Court Mill Haven
60 Glenvale House, Mill Wynd Glenvale
61 Maspie Cottage, Mill Wynd Maspie Cottage
62 Mill Wynd Bridge over Maspie Burn Mill Wynd Bridge

Landward area

Items 63 to 69 are situated in the landward area but have been included in this list as physically they form part of the Burgh. Falkland Palace is also outwith the burgh and will be included in the list covering the landward area.

Number Name Current name
63 House, East End, Balmblae Bridgend
64 House, Balmblae, adjoining 63 westwards Former houses in Balmblae
65 House, Balmblae, adjoining 64 westwards
66 House, Balmblae, adjoining 65 westwards
67 Group of Houses, Balmblae, west of 66
68 Rose Cottage and adjoining, Balmblae, extreme west end Rose Cottage; Waterside
69 Parish Church Hall, East Port Old Free Church
70 Beechgrove, East Port Beechgrove
71 Parish Church Manse, Chapel Yard Ladywell
72 Chapel Yard House, Chapel Yard Chapelyard
73 House of Falkland – East Lodge East Lodge
74 House of Falkland – Fish Pond Fish Pond Bridges
75 House of Falkland – Memorial Chapel Memorial Chapel