Bruce's Mill

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Building summary
Mill Wynd, Bruce's Mill.jpg

Mill Wynd in the 1960s, with the ruins of Bruces's Mill at the left

Name Bruce's Mill
Address Mill Wynd
Postcode n/a
Other names Turning Mill
See map Map D (10)
OS grid ref
Latitude & longitude
1963 listing details[1]
Number: 57
Address/Site Name Bruce's Mill, Mill Wynd

A "Kings Mill”: original meal mill last used as turning mill: 2-storey: rubble with crowstepped kiln: arch dated 1734

Bruce's Mill was a building, now demolished, in Mill Wynd, Falkland, opposite Glenvale and the Stag Inn. It was a water mill, fed by the Mill Lade and used for wood turning. Its site is now incorporated in Mill Green.

In the early 20th century it was tenanted by David Galloway, who used it to drive his wood-turning machinery.

Further references

"Last week Mr D. Galloway called to say that suddenly and without any indication of amy kind the shaft of the water wheel has broken asunder causing of course a total stoppage of the work." [2]


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