Burnside Cottage

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Building summary
Burnside Cottage 2.JPG The cottage from the west
Name Burnside Cottage
Address Balmblae, Falkland
Postcode KY15 7BS
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Burnside Cottage is a house in Balmblae, Falkland. It is now the only house in Balmblae that backs onto Balmblae Burn.


John and Mary Stewart added an extension to the house to accommodate a kitchen and made the kitchenette into an indoor bathroom.[1]

Former residents

Burnside Cottage Balmblae was owned by the Sharpe family: In 1874 by Rev John Sharpe, in 1913 by Annie and Elizabeth Sharpe. Elizabeth was a school mistress at Kirkgate school Cupar. They never lived in Burnside Cottage. They lived in Bruce Buildings over the years; various tenants lived in Burnside. In 1953 Burnside was bought by Robert Stewart. He already owned the Hearse House in Balmblae. He set about making a smallholding.

The house was small: one room and kitchenette downstairs, bedroom upstairs. The outside toilet was across the road. Robert Stewart had a smallholding in Balmblae and kept chickens. He married a nurse. She was shocked to find that the chickens had antibiotics added to their feed. She made him sell them. They had three children in quick succession and the chicken house fell into disrepair (part of the poultry house still remains in Balmblae, barely visible and covered in ivy) In 1958 he swapped houses with his parents and moved up to Stewart Cottage.[1]

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