St Andrew's House

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Building summary
St Andrew's House.JPG
Name St Andrew's House
Address High Street, Falkland
Postcode KY15 7BU
Other names St Andrew House
Date 18th century
See map Map T (6); Map D (25)
OS grid ref NO 25295 07431
Latitude & longitude 56°15'12"N 3°12'26"W

St Andrew's House is a house in Falkland High Street.

Now private flats.[1]

HES listing details[2]
Reference: LB31257 Date: 01/12/1971 Category: B
Address/Site Name

St Andrew House High Street (Including Garden Walls)


18th century, 2 sections, low 2-storey stepped in slope, harled and pantiled. Crowstepped gable, one with pigeon loft entries 18th century 2-storey to front, 3 (higher wallhead) at back, whitewashed hall with painted margins, pantiled; moulded doorpiece, 3 windows with swift dormer heads at 1st floor.

Statement of special interest

Category A section of larger group. Cobbled Area in front.

Previous uses

Home for Roman Catholic orphan boys (up to age 14)[3] until 1908, then to be used to accommodate gardeners (presumably for Falkland Palace).[4]

In 1904 the Burgh Council complained that some of the blocks of the "causeway" in front of the house had been lifted up and replaced with a flower bed, as George Quilter, crippled son of Mrs Getrude Quilter, matron of the home, loved to look at flowers.[5]

Later shop.[1]


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