West Loan

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West Loan is an open space at the west end of Falkland. The Maspie Burn runs through it, and part of it is now used as a children's playground.

See map: Map D (1).

Further references

"Dear Mr Anderson,
In the summer of this year I had occasion to complain to the police about a number of boys who had practically taken possession of the West Loan, and had erected tents and lit fires on it. I also asked the Provost to assist in protecting the interests of the grazing tenant, as it was manifest that the Loan was being used simply as a public playground. I have now received a letter from the tenant giving up his occupation of the West Loan on account of the amount of golf playing, cricket, and all sorts of enjoyment by the inhabitants and visitors. I believe that the public of Falkland have certain rights in the Loan, but I cannot conceive that they amount to its being used in the way indicated. Will you kindly bring this matter before an early meeting of your council, and let me know what steps the council are prepared to take to protect the interests of the proprietor and his tenant.
Yours faithfully, George Gavin."[1]


  1. Letter from George Gavin, Factor, to Alexander Anderson, Town Clerk, 17 November 1909. Falkland Estate Papers. Quoted in Playfair and Burgess, page 279.