Bruce Fountain

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Building summary
Bruce Fountain.JPG
Name Bruce Fountain
Address High Street, Falkland
Other names The Fountain
Date 1856
Architect Alexander Roos
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Map D (20)
OS grid ref NO 25255 07389
Latitude & longitude 56°15′11″N 3°12′29″W

The Bruce Fountain is an ornamental fountain in Falkland High Street, near the site of the Mercat Cross. It was commissioned by Onesiphorus and Margaret Tyndall Bruce, but not completed until after Mr Tyndall Bruce's death.

HES listing details[1]
Reference: LB31255 Date: 01/12/1971 Category: B
Address/Site Name

Bruce Fountain, High Street


A Roos, 1856. Mid pointed, spired open octagon rising from square base; horse trough and bollards.

Statement of special interest

Noted all B listed items between 1 and 103 form a single group with the Palace and House of Falkland and thier[sic] ancillaries, the survivin[sic] Balmblae buildings, and Millfield i[n] Falkland Landward Parish.

Further references

"The plan of the fountain which is to be erected at the Cross, drawn by Mr. Alexander Roos, Italian Artist, has been received at Falkland House, and is considered by ample judges to be most magnificent and unsurpassed by any in the "Kingdom".[2]

"From the limited supply of water, it was found impossible to have a jet, but the taste and skill of the eminent architect, Mr. Roos of London, has amply compensated for what some people may consider a deficiency in that way."[3]

"At this point the High Street broadens into The Cross, at the centre of which is the garishly painted Bruce Fountain, in Victorian Gothic, 1856, A Roos."[4]

"High Street now becomes an informal square. In its centre, a large fountain by Alexander Roos of London, 1856. Octagonal base; on top of the buttresses red-painted lions holding shields. Upper stage an octagon of open-cusped arches under a crocketed spire.[5]


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