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Kilgour is an ancient settlement near the western edge of the Parish of Falkland. The parish church was originally here, and the parish as a whole was originally called the "Lands of Kilgour".

The area contains several farms and other buildings, the largest being Kilgour House.

Further references

"Although no trace of the church remains above ground, the site of the kirkyard can be clearly discerned, bounded on the east, south-east and south by the Arraty Burn."[1]

"Dear Sir,
Now that Lord Ninian has taken up permanent residence at House of Falkland it will be necessary that the privilege which you have hitherto exercised, of using the Approach to House of Falkland in going to and from the Church on Sundays, should cease. I feel sure that you will quite understand that the approach to the House should not, in the altered circumstances, now be made use of."[2]


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