Wynd Cottage

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Building details
Wynd Cottage.JPG
Name Wynd Cottage
Address 1 Parliament Square, Cross Wynd
Postcode KY15 7BE
Other names 1 Parliament Square
Date 18th century
National Grid Reference NO 25271 7322
Latitude and longitude 56°15′09″N 3°12′28″W
Listing Category B
Listing reference LB31312
Listing name House (David Bett) Parliament Square, Cross Wynd, including buildings of courtyard at rear

Wynd Cottage, also known as 1 Parliament Square is a house in Parliament Square with its side elevation onto Cross Wynd, now a private home.

Listing description

18 century, altered 2-storey 2-window stuccoed with painted margins modern Roman tiled roof. Rear wing 2-storey rubble and pantile, 2 small single storey outbuildings forming cobbled court with rear wing of The Shien; lintels RT EM1672 and MB IW 1730, the former said to have come from Scone Palace.

Previous uses

Anadjunct to smithy with access to farm?[1]

Special features

A simple vernacular cottage. Door with previous entry[1]


Attic benefitted from Velux windows aiding circulatio of air.[1]

Former residents

Derek & Vanda - 1995.[1]


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