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Front cover

A Falkland Guide is a 24-page book published by The Falkland Society in 1988, reprinted many times up to 2010. It replaced the Illustrated Guide to Falkland (1905 onwards). It includes a "Falkland Town Trail" map in its centre pages.

A new version of the Guide is in preparation for publication later in 2024. The following table shows the buildings proposed to be specially identified in the new (2024) version, subject to review. The "Number (2010)" and Description (2010)" columns relate to the corresponding items in the still current version.

Note: to show the table in a different order, click the arrow symbol on the header of the column in question.

Central area buildings, to be shown numbered on the centre-spread map

1 Falkland Palace 1 Falkland Palace And Chapel Royal, Royal tennis court and stables, Falkland Castle
2 Visitor Centre
3 Old Free Church
4 Laich Road
5 Tornaveen 4 House to the left of the Post Office
6 Ladieburn Cottage
7 Moncrief House 2 Moncrieff House
8 Bruce Inn 3 Hunting Lodge Hotel
9 Bank House 9 The Bank
10 Falkland Town Hall 10 Town Hall
11 Key House 5 Key House
12 St Andrew's House 6 St Andrew's House
13 Maspie House 8 Gift Shop
14 Saddlers House 7 Saddler's House
15 Covenanter Hotel Formerly Commercial Hotel
16 Falkland Parish Church 22 Parish Church
17 Bruce Fountain 23 Bruce Fountain
18 Mercat Cross 24 Mercat Cross
19 Mercat House/ Fayre Earth
20 Cameron House 21 Cameron House
21 Violin Shop, Campbell's Café
22 Electricity sub-station 20 Electricity sub-station
23 stag House / Stag Inn
24 Mill Green and Mill Wynd
25 Mill Wynd Bridge
26 Balmblae
27 Castle Shotts Road and bridge carrying the "Private Walk"
28 Vintage Quine / Whinstone
29 The Weaver's Cottage (High Street West) 19 Weaver's Cottage
30 Falkland Old Cemetery 18 Old Burial Ground
31 West Port Leading to Stables, etc.
32 Rottenrow 17 Rotten Row
33 Sharp's Close 16 Sharp's Close
34 Brunton Street 15 Brunton Street
35 Falkland war memorial
36 Cross Wynd 14 Cross Wynd
37 Parliament Square
38 Back Dykes
39 Back Dykes Terrace
40 Millfield
41 Site of St John's Works 12 St John's Works
42 Horsemarket 13 Horsemarket
43 Lomond Tavern Now Lomond Tearoom (and former building opposite)
44 Southbank
45 Back Wynd
46 Smart Cookies Nursery 11 Youth Hostel
47 Community Hall and Falkland Library
48 South Street
49 Old Drill Hall Former Burgher Chapel.

Highlighted buildings and features outside the central area, to be mentioned in the 2024 edition

Description Notes
East Lodge and Fishpond Bridge
Memorial Chapel
House of Falkland Not open to the public
House of Falkland Stables
Pillars of Hercules
Maspie Den
East Lomond Hill And Faulds Road
Tyndall Bruce Monument
Temple of Decision


The following drawings by Andrew Kelly are included in the 1988–2010 edition. [Click on a picture below to see the image full-size]