Falkland Wood

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Building summary
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Name Falkland Wood
Address Falkland
Postcode KY15 7AB
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Falkland Wood is a farm on the B936, between Falkland and Dunshalt.

Former residents

  • Alex Shanks (early 20th century).[1]
  • the three Misses Lawson[2]
  • Robert Laing and his son of the same name[3]

Further references

The more extensive of the [Falkland Estate] holdings are Woodmill (Mr Geo. Dun’s), Falkland Wood (Mr Alex. Shanks‘, a pupil of Mr Henry Thomson Percival, who recently succeeded Mr John Lawson), Easter Cash (Mr Jas. Tod’s), Westfield (Mr Barry Ogilvie’s), Wester Cash (Mr Thos. Philp‘s), Plains (Mr Wm. Ritchie‘s), &c. [1]


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