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Building summary
Westfield 13 2013.JPG
Name Westfield
Address Falkland
Postcode KY15 7AE
Date After 1820
See map Map B
OS grid ref NO 237 073
Latitude & longitude

Westfield is a farm about a mile to the west of Falkland.

Former residents

Barry Ogilvie[1]

Further references

"SSE west + SSE field
The farm of Westfield was a creation of the large-scale changes on Nuthill and Falkland Estate undertaken by the Bruces after 1820. It forms a foursome with Annfield, Chancefield and Summerfield, all created in the same period.
At this site a field called The Long West Owre is marked on Falkland Plan/1757. No buildings are marked on the site on Ainslie/Fife (1775). Buildings are marked but not named on the site on SGF (1828).
Two stones carved with Pictish symbols were discovered at NO2384 0372, during demolition of part of the steading of Westfield in 1971 (DES 1971, 21)."[2]

"I have looked at the field for permission to hold the local coronation celebrations in ... It is bounded on the south by the old Leslie Road and is let as part of Westfield Farm."[3]

"Thursday 10th July 1902. Sale of cattle and horses at Westfield Farm." [More details given].[4]

"Saturday 10th November 1906. Extensive sale of household furrniture at Westfield, Falkland." [More details given].[5]

"The more extensive of the [Falkland Estate] holdings are Woodmill (Mr Geo. Dun’s), Falkland Wood (Mr Alex. Shanks‘, a pupil of Mr Henry Thomson Percival, who recently succeeded Mr John Lawson), Easter Cash (Mr Jas. Tod’s), Westfield (Mr Barry Ogilvie’s), 'Wester Cash (Mr Thos. Philp‘s), Plains (Mr Wm. Ritchie‘s), &c. "[1]

"At Cupar Sheriff Court, [William Reid was charged with having] mailiciously knocked down stones and made holes in the dyke for a distance of 100 yards at Westfield Farm."[6]

"Messrs Macdonald, Fraser & Co., auctioneers, Perth, conducted an extensive displenishment sale at Westield, the home farm of the Falkland Estate, on behalf of the outgoing tenant, Mr Ogilvie. The farm, which is beautifully situated at the foot of the East Lomond Hill, is being operated by the proprietor, Lord Ninian Stuart, and he was a very large purchaser.[7]


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