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Building summary
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Name Plains Farm
Address Strathmiglo
Postcode KY14 7RG
See map Map B
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Latitude & longitude

Plains is a farm to the north of Dunshalt. It is in the Parish of Strathmiglo, but is included here as being formerly within the Falkland Estate.

Former residents

William Ritchie (early 20th century).[1]

Further references

The more extensive of the [Falkland Estate] holdings are Woodmill (Mr Geo. Dun’s), Falkland Wood (Mr Alex. Shanks‘, a pupil of Mr Henry Thomson Percival, who recently succeeded Mr John Lawson), Easter Cash (Mr Jas. Tod’s), Westfield (Mr Barry Ogilvie’s), Wester Cash (Mr Thos. Philp‘s), Plains (Mr Wm. Ritchie‘s), &c. [1]


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