Maspie Burn

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The Maspie Burn rises near Maiden Castle and is soon joined by the Coalpit Burn. It runs down the Maspie Den with its waterfalls, and then passes close to the north of the House of Falkland (being crossed by the Gilderland Bridge) and the House of Falkland Stables. Near West Loan it is now joined by the Mill Burn (which originally fed the Mill Dam Pond and then the Mill Lade to power the Turning Mill). The next stretch of the burn (sometimes referrred to as the Balmblae Burn) historically formed the boundary between the Royal Burgh of Falkland and Balmblae. After passing through the Falkland Palace gardens it is joined by the Arraty Burn to form the Falkland Burn, which eventually merges with the River Eden.

See map: Map C