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Falkland Palace (listed Category A)

This is a list of listed buildings in the Parish of Falkland (together with a few listed buildings in the parishes of Kettle and Strathmiglo).

Adapted from the Wikipedia entry List of listed buildings in Falkland, Fife

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Falkland Palace

Listing ref Cat Address/Site Name Current name
LB8798 A South Range of Falkland Palace including adjoining gatehouse to west and Cross House within east range, and excluding scheduled monument SM854, Falkland Palace, Falkland Falkland Palace
LB8799 B Falkland Palace - Castle Falkland Castle
LB8800 A Falkland Palace Royal Stables and Tennis Court or Caichpule Royal tennis court and stables
LB8801 B Private bridge between Palace and House of Falkland over Castle Shotts Drive, with wall and gateway on east side of Castle Shotts Drive Bridge over Castle Shotts Road
LB10796 B Falkland Palace, walls enclosing Palace garden and stables including gates and Tyndall Bruce Statue Falkland Palace Walls and Statue of Onesiphorus Tyndall Bruce

Falkland village

Listing ref Cat Address/Site Name Current name
LB31290 C Graveyard, High Street West Port Falkland Old Cemetery
LB31295 C Dovecot (house), Pleasance Dovecot
LB31298 C Crinan, Back Wynd (including garden walls) Crinan
LB31304 C House (Messrs Thomas & Alexander Pedder), Back Wynd The Cottage (Pedder)
LB31318 B Wellbrae, South Street at corner of Well Brae (including garden wall To Well Brae) Wellbrae
LB31325 C House and shop (Markinch and District Co-Operative Society Ltd) Horsemarket (including garden wall) Kylrick
LB31329 B Wester Brunton House (National Trust formerly Colin Hamilton) Brunton Street, (including outbuilding and garden walls) Wester Brunton
LB31333 C House (Mr Ross), South Street West Rannoch
LB31343 C West Cottage and The Cottage West Port Willow Tree Cottage
LB31344 C Viewhill, West Port Viewhill
LB31358 B 2-6 Royal Terrace 2-6 Royal Terrace
LB31254 B Falkland Parish Church High Street Falkland Parish Church
LB31257 B St Andrew House High Street (including garden walls) St Andrew's House
LB31262 B Stag Inn, High Street And Mill Wynd Stag House
LB31271 B House (Mrs Elizabeth Bayne) and Embo, High Street, West Port opposite foot of Lomonds Road Whinstone House and Embo
LB31292 C Courtside, High Street West (including garage and garden walls) Courtside
LB31297 C Oaklea, East Port Oaklea
LB31305 C Dunira, Back Wynd Dunira
LB31319 C Lomond Tavern, Horsemarket Lomond Tavern
LB31320 C Rosedale, Horsemarket Rosedale
LB31347 C Lomond Cottage, West Port Lomond Cottage
LB31349 C Rosebank, West Port Rosebank
LB31359 C 7, 8 Royal Terrace 7, 8 Royal Terrace
LB31361 B Parish Church Manse including garden wall and offices, Chapel Yard Ladywell
LB31263 B House (Mr Henry Dolly), High Street Traquair
LB31274 A Moncrief House, High Street Moncrief House
LB31278 B Covenanter Hotel (formerly Commercial Hotel), High Street Covenanter Hotel
LB31279 B "Betty's" fashion and footwear shop (Mrs Elizabeth Crawford High Street Cross House
LB31282 B Houses (Ross and Drysdale), High Street (including garden walls) Ross House and Thistle House
LB8802 B Balmblae Cottage including garden walls Balmblae, Falkland Balmblae Cottage
LB8769 B Millfield House, Falkland Millfield
LB31296 B Cottages (Drysdale And Davidson), East Port 1 and 2 East Port
LB31306 C House And Stable And Store Building (Miss Smith) Back Wynd Rosemary Cottage and Hayloft Tearoom
LB31308 C Seton House, Cross Wynd Seton House
LB31338 C Millbank (Formerly Miller's House Of Bruce's Mill) Mill Wynd Millbank
LB31354 C House (Elizabeth Douglas) Victoria Place 2 Victoria Place
LB31356 C Gowanbank Well Brae Gowanbank
LB31258 B High Street, Old Post Office (Miss Middleton) Including Garden Walls Maspie House
LB31289 C High Street, West Port, House (Stewart) Including Garden Walls Stewart Cottage
LB31293 B Parish Church Hall, New Road Old Free Church
LB31300 C Hillview (Nelson), Back Wynd (Including Garden Walls) Hillview
LB31301 C Youth Hostel, Back Wynd (Including Garden Walls) Smart Cookies Nursery
LB31310 B House (Mrs Lilias Chisholm), Cross Wynd The Wynd ?
LB31313 C The Shien (James Kilbane), Parliament Square, Cross Wynd The Shien
LB31317 B House (Miss Elizabeth Skinner), South Street 1 South Street
LB31326 B Southbank And Chemist's Shop (Leven) Together With Outbuilding To South Street, Horsemarket Southbank
LB31328 A Brunton House, Brunton Street (including garden walls) Brunton House
LB31330 B Houses (Partly Restored As Cottage Craft Centre And Partly In Ruins) Sharp's Close, Off Brunton Street Cottage Craft Centre
LB31337 C Stable Yard of Bruce's Mill House, (now demolished) Mill Haven
LB31340 C Mill Wynd Bridge, over Maspie Burn Mill Wynd Bridge
LB31348 C Lilac Bank (2 houses) West Port Lilac Bank
LB31256 B Key House (formerly Palace Inn) and Key Cottage, High Street Key House
LB31268 C The Wee Hoose, High Street, West Port The Wee Hoose
LB31280 C Mrs Elizabeth Crawford's premises (Richard Howden's shop) High St Fayre Earth
LB31285 B Spittal and Son's property, High Street and South Street West Vintage Quine
LB31287 B House (Mr Alexander Young), High Street (including garden walls) Young's House
LB31309 B House (Mr Mackie, Formerly National Trust For Scotland), Cross Wynd The Corrie
LB31311 C Kind Kyttock's Kitchen (Mrs Chisholm) Cross Wynd The Wynd
LB31314 C House (Mrs Christina Wylie), Cross Wynd at corner of Horse Market Cross Wynd House
LB31321 C House (Mr Robert Craig) Horsemarket The House
LB31322 C Dundrennan, Horsemarket Dundrennan
LB31335 B Glenvale House, Mill Wynd Glenvale
LB31339 B Millyard House Millyard off Mill Wynd, including garden walls Millyard
LB31342 C Floraves, West Port Floraves
LB31346 C Hope Cottage, West Port Hope Cottage
LB31357 B 1 Royal Terrace 1 Royal Terrace
LB31255 B Bruce Fountain, High Street Bruce Fountain
LB31269 C House (Miss Margaret Shields), High Street, West Port Gardens Cottage
LB31270 B Beeways, High Street West Beeways
LB31276 B Bank of Scotland (formerly British Linen) and Town Clerk's office High Street and Back Wynd.(including garden walls) Bank House and The Weaving House
LB31284 B Electricity Sub-station High Street Electricity Sub-station
LB31303 C House (empty, formerly Mrs Jean Clark), Back Wynd The Haven (east block)
LB31312 B House (David Bett) Parliament Square, Cross Wynd, including buildings of courtyard at rear Wynd Cottage
LB31315 C Ivy Cottage and Kirken Cross Wynd Ivy Cottage
LB31327 B Three houses (Mrs Honeyman and National Trust), Brunton Street, at corner of Cross Wynd Little Brunton and Easter Brunton
LB31332 C House (Mr Walker, formerly 2 houses) South Street West including garden walls (mutual on west wide with Belmont, South Street West) Walker Cottage and Braehead House
LB31336 C Maspie Cottage, Mill Wynd Maspie Cottage
LB31355 C Victoria Cottage Victoria Place Victoria Cottage
LB31362 B Chapel Yard House, Chapel Yard Chapelyard
LB31259 B The Saddlers, High Street Saddlers
LB31260 B Fountain House, High Street Fountain House
LB31272 B Tornaveen, High Street Tornaveen
LB31273 C Ladieburn Cottage, High Street Ladieburn Cottage and Love Restored
LB31275 B Bruce Arms Inn, High Street (Including Garden Walls) Bruce Arms
LB31286 C House (John Craig), High Street (including garden walls mutual with Belmont in South Street West on east side) Craig House
LB31288 C High Street, Bruce's Buildings Including Garden Walls Bruce's Buildings
LB31291 B House (Miss Margaret Shields) High Street West Port (Including Garden Walls) Gardens Cottage
LB31294 B Beechgrove, Pleasance Beechgrove
LB31299 C House (Stebbings), Back Wynd (including garden walls) The Cottage (Stebbings)
LB31307 C Smith & Anderson's Stable And Store, Back Wynd Lomond Pharmacy
LB31323 B House (Mr William Collins), Horsemarket at corner of Back Wynd Weavers Cottage (Horsemarket)
LB31331 C Backdykes, Sharp's Close Off Brunton Street Wester Brunton (outbuildings)
LB31334 B Premises (Spittal & Son) South Street West Whinstone
LB31345 C Hillerye Cottages, West Port Hillayre
LB31360 C Royal Terrace, South Section Royal Terrace, South Section
LB31264 B House (National Trust, empty in 1971), High Street West Bowriefaulds
LB31267 C Bellsehill, High Street, West Port Carberry
LB31277 A Falkland Town Hall, High Street Falkland Town Hall
LB8803 B Castle Shotts, Including Garden Walls Balmblae, Falkland Castle Shotts
LB8804 B Bridgend, East End, Balmblae, Falkland Bridgend
LB31283 C Claredale, Rottenrow, Off High Street (Including Outbuildings With Garage On South Street West) Claredale
LB31302 B The Haven, Back Wynd The Haven (west block)
LB31316 B Ravenscraig, South Street Ravenscraig
LB31324 C House (Mrs Jane Drysdale), Horsemarket Mill House
LB31341 C The Den, West Port Hollyburn
LB31353 C House (James Ross) Victoria Place 1 Victoria Place
LB31261 C Savings Bank and Co-Operative Building, High Street Old Town House
LB31265 C Millyard, off High Street at rear of above Mill Lade House
LB31266 B The Weaver's Cottage (Mrs Jane Goodfellow), High Street, West Port The Weaver's Cottage (High Street West)
LB31281 B Cameron House, High St (Including Garden Walls) Cameron House

House of Falkland Designed Landscape

Listing ref Cat Address/Site Name Current name
LB8763 A House of Falkland (St Ninian's RC School) including terraces and garden ornaments House of Falkland
LB31350 B House of Falkland East Lodge and gates West Port East Lodge
LB8766 B House of Falkland, bridge over Roaring or Mill Burn and adjoining gatepiers Bridge over Mill Burn
LB31351 B House of Falkland, Fish Pond Bridges Fish Pond Bridges
LB31352 B House of Falkland, Memorial Chapel Memorial Chapel
LB8767 B House of Falkland - Bruce Monument on Black Hill Bruce Monument
LB8764 B House of Falkland - Stables House of Falkland Stables
LB51859 B House of Falkland Estate, tunnel on path along Maspie Burn Maspie Den tunnel
LB8765 B House of Falkland - Gilderland Bridge over Maspie Burn Gilderland Bridge
LB8768 C Temple, Green Hill Temple of Decision

Newton of Falkland

Listing ref Cat Address/Site Name Current name
LB8770 C Old Tollhouse Newton of Falkland Old Tollhouse Newton of Falkland
LB8773 C 1 Malt Loan (or Row) off Jubilee Crescent Newton of Falkland 1 Malt Loan
LB13311 B Newtown of Falkland Bonthrone Maltings (formerly Newton Old Brewery) Bonthrone Maltings
LB8811 C Bellfield Cottage, Jubilee Crescent Newton of Falkland Bellfield
LB45583 C Newton of Falkland, Jubilee Crescent and Main Street, water pumps and wells Newton of Falkland pumps and wells
LB8810 C Balerno and adjoining cottage (Archibald Laing). Jubilee Crescent, Newton of Falkland Balerno and Dagmar Haven
LB8772 C Braeside off Jubilee Crescent Newton of Falkland Braeside Cottage
LB8812 C Bellfield Cottage - outbuilding Jubilee Crescent, Newton of Falkland Bellfield outbuilding
LB8771 C Wayside Cottage Jubilee Crescent Newton of Falkland Wayside Cottage, Newton of Falkland
LB10797 C Newton of Falkland, Jubilee Crescent, Rose Cottage Rose Cottage, Newton of Falkland
LB8774 C 2 Malt Loan (or Row) off Jubilee Crescent Newton Of Falkland 2 Malt Loan
LB13695 C Balreavie Cottage, Jubilee Crescent Newton of Falkland Balreavie Cottage


Listing ref Cat Address/Site Name Current name
LB8816 B House And Shop (H Grant) High Street, Freuchie Lomond Hills Hotel
LB8817 C Albert Tavern, High Street, Freuchie Albert Tavern
LB8821 C Freuchie Mill - Miller's House Freuchie Mill, Miller's House
LB49305 B Freuchie, Eden Valley Row, Former Eden Valley Linen Works Including Gate Piers And Boundary Walls Eden Valley Linen Works
LB8820 C Freuchie Mill Freuchie Mill
LB8815 B House (Vacant, Mrs Grieve) High Street, North Side, East Of Bridge, Freuchie West End House
LB8819 B House (G Houston) Lomond Road, Freuchie Fairfield Cottage
LB8818 C St Katharine's Church Place, Freuchie St Katharine's
LB8822 C Freuchie Mill Bridge Freuchie Mill Bridge
LB8814 B In A Nook, High Street, Freuchie In a Nook

Elsewhere in the Parish of Falkland

Listing ref Cat Address/Site Name Current name
LB8813 B Balreavie, House and Steading Balreavie Farmhouse
LB8823 C Drums Farmhouse Drums House
LB8825 B Pittillock House Pittillock House
LB51769 B East Lomond Limekiln East Lomond Limekiln
LB8824 C Drums Doocot Drums Doocot

Lathrisk (Parish of Kettle)

Listing ref Cat Address/Site Name Current name
LB9042 A Lathrisk House and gatepiers Lathrisk House
LB9043 B Lathrisk policies Burnside (formerly Lathrisk House laundry) Burnside, Lathrisk
LB9044 B Lathrisk Home Farm House flanking steading wings garden walls at gatepiers to south Lathrisk Home Farm

Easter Cash (Parish of Strathmiglo)

Listing ref Cat Address/Site Name Current name
LB43885 B Falkland Estate, Easter Cash Farmhouse With Boundary Walls, Gatepiers And Gates Easter Cash
LB43884 B Falkland Estate, Easter Cash Farm


The scheme for classifying buildings in Scotland is:

  • Category A: "buildings of national or international importance, either architectural or historic; or fine, little-altered examples of some particular period, style or building type."[1]
  • Category B: "buildings of regional or more than local importance; or major examples of some particular period, style or building type, which may have been altered."[1]
  • Category C: "buildings of local importance; lesser examples of any period, style, or building type, as originally constructed or moderately altered; and simple traditional buildings which group well with other listed buildings."[1]

In March 2016 there were 47,288 listed buildings in Scotland. Of these, 8% were Category A, and 50% were Category B, with the remaining 42% being Category C.[2]


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All entries are based on data from Historic Environment Scotland. This data falls under the Open Government Licence.